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Vintage Reutter Atmos Clocks

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The K 1 model from 1934

sold by Kirby, Beard & Co.

of Paris (the ad below

is bearing their name)

Porcelain dial with fire gilt

Gold case. I have never seen another one. If you have please let me know I'm always interested to communicate with other collectors

Nickel -plated Model

PX 1 is the tall case version

Also shown in the 1934 catalogue

The case and the movement are perfect.

All clocks I own work perfectly (except the

Project below)

RB1 regulator model

Also ca 1934 sold by

Tiffany& Co.

The movement is

In perfect condition

The case shows age and I love it .

Model PO1 -under a bell-jar,

Ca 1934

My favorite clock

All the clocks on this page have

The mecury motor. The thermal

Motor (inside the round box behind the movement) transforms

Thermal energy into mechanical


The clock movement uses the mechanical energy to drive the movement of the balance and display the time

The Atmos clock consumes 60 times less energy than a wrist watch